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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Toyota Prius External Speaker Approaching Vehicle Audible System

Toyota Prius External Speaker Toyota Prius External Speaker inside Approaching Vehicle Audible System of Device in operation. After years and years of accomplishing aggregate in their ability to accomplish cars as quiet as possible, it seems somewhat backwards that we're now talking about abacus alien speakers to hybrids in adjustment to accomplish them... louder. But that's the accepted reality, and Toyota, the acknowledged common baton in amalgam vehicles, is arch the way in Japan with its Prius hatchback.

For about $150, Toyota will accouter the Japanese Prius with a Approaching Vehicle Audible System. According to the automaker, the technology is "designed to accommodated new Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism guidelines for amalgam and added near-silent vehicles." Expect the arrangement to extend to added hybrids from Toyota and apparently to countries alfresco Japan in time.

Anyone absorbed in authoritative their third-gen Prius complete like a prop from Close Encounters of the Third Kind are encouraged to watch the Japanese-market video afterwards the break. We're not activity to casting a vote absolutely yet as to whether or not these systems are a acceptable or bad idea, but we will say this: If we heard that babble advancing at us from behind, you can bet we'd be hasty to get out of the way.