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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Modifikasi Mobil Toyota Avanza Full Variasi

Modifikasi Mobil Toyota Avanza Full Variasi
This is a Picture Modifikasi Mobil avanza Full Variasi. From Interior Desain to desain car bodi and mesin MODIF too. For Avanza interior design, this car uses two sub-woofer / Double Sound and on to complete a DVD player and Sony LCD TV brand.
For body modifications, this car with complete accessories, let me look beautiful outside, and also to protect the body paint. While for the modification of the engine, this car uses two exhaust, and added a racing car engine in performance, namely the spark plugs, exhaust, and cylinder using a cylindrical Xenia.
This may attending aloof like a approved riced-up Avanza, with a not-so-mainstream aback spoiler, abominable LED taillights, colossal rims, and bankrupt pipes that looked like two bongs that are alert together. But a acceptable aphorism of deride is, you never anytime adjudicator a car from its behind. Because you never knew that it can absolutely transform to a Honda Odyssey aback and forth, anytime it wants.