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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Harga Suzuki Axelo 2011 13,8 juta

Harga Motor Suzuki Axelo 2011 Baru 13,8 juta
Circuit Park carefully chose SIS Kenjeran Surabaya to acquaint the almsman to the aboriginal Shogun.

"The barrage of the official will be captivated in Jakarta on January 28, 2011. We are accessible to action with Honda Supra X 125 and Yamha Jupiter Z, "said Surya Setiawan, Marketing Department Head 2WD SIS.

"Axelo agitated from the chat axeleration and low discharge and efficient. With a sales ambition of 120 thousand units during 2011, "added Setiawan. With the attendance Axelo, SIS is aswell acquisitive to attempt afresh with two added Japanese manufacturers, namely Honda and Yamaha.

Carrying the architecture and looks added adventurous new attending is apparent starting from the headlamp, and the muffler physique architecture that looks energetic.

Kitchen pacunya abide armed 125 cc with revisions to the CDI which claimed added advancing and low emissions. SIS has a agenda claiming Axelo ammunition burning 46 km / liter.

There are three variants of non-disc anchor at the aback of USD 13.8 million, disc anchor foreground and aback of USD 14.7 actor and chiral clamp (clutch) amount Rp 15 million. There are four colors black, red, dejected and silver.