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Friday, June 11, 2010

TVS Apache RTR 180 Motor Sport

While the number of proposed initial production of 5,000 units.
Unfortunately when confirmed when the official TVS Apache RTR 180 slid to the market, the TVS is still not ready to give many details. But for sure this product is scheduled to present at the second quarter of 2010.
As disclosed Corporate Communications PT. TVS Motor Company Indonesia Nurlida Fatmikasari, "We can not confirm when, because, there are still many things that must be completed prior to launch Apache RTR 180. After that we can define the new right when the moon and the date.
New Motor TVS Apache RTR 180 cc 2010
Foto Sepeda Motor TVS Apache RTR 180 cc Motor Sport
New engine generation Apache RTR 160, launching at the event PRJ is appropriate to provide information and new options for users of TVS Motor. Market under the 200 cc motor sport appears to be more crowded. This was evident from the data Application Status Registration of Motor Vehicle Type (TPT), the Ministry of Industry. From the data write about the petition filed by PT. Company Indonesia, as a shareholder TVS TVS brand in Indonesia.
In the list of types of motor vehicle registration application was explained, that. TVS Company Indonesia has applied for its products TVS Apache RTR 180 Transmition Manual. Petition to the Ministry of Industry was signed on 13 April 2010 satusnya yesterday and is still in process.