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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mobil keris Indonesia

Mobil Esemka Pics
After Esemka and Tawon Cars, now Indonesia Accept New Creator Om Car Technology. Student, University of Indonesia has alien the after-effects of their creativity, actualize a car architecture that deserves to be appreciative of. Cars agnate continued Keris kris. Has a abbreviate height.
A mini car that has the accommodation and activity extenuative mini machines. Because this car min, so accept bound basement as well. but this car could anytime be developed into a bartering car. In the abreast approaching this Keris car, the car will chase the after-effects of the challenge amphitheatre of adroitness in the world. acceptable luck the assignment of accouchement of this nation. This car is allotment of the adroitness of children, such as car Wasps, and added Esemka.